Duty Free Import Authorization Scheme (DFIA)

This scheme is similar to Advance Authorisation Scheme, but is issued only completion of exports after there are some other major changes.

The Duty Free Import Authorisation (DFIA) eligibility:

1. Duty Free Import Authorisations are issued to manufacturer exporters or merchant exporters tied to manufacturer(s) for duty-free import of inputs.

2. Supply of Goods to the various categories as mentioned in Chapter 7.02 of the Policy (8 notified categories).

Important Conditions:

• Value Addition shall be minimum 20%.

• Transferability endorsement only after fulfillment of export obligation.

• SION of the export product must be fixed. d) Separate application to be filed for each SION and each PORT.

• Cannot be issued for export product where SION prescribes "Actual User" Condition.

• Cannot be granted for import of Raw Sugar.

• No revalidation will be granted.


  • Direct association as Advisor in the export and import of more than Rs.9,000/- Crores per annum.
  • International FCPA compliant.
  • Consulting more than 150 MNC's, Indian Corporations, PSU's, Import & Export Houses.


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