Restricted Imports

As per FTP 2015-20 para. 2.08 Any goods /service, the export or import of which is ‘Restricted’ may be exported or imported only in accordance with an Authorisation / Permission or in accordance with the procedure prescribed in a Notification / Public Notice issued in this regard.

Principles of Restrictions:

DGFT may, through a Notification, impose restrictions on export and import, necessary for: -

• Protection of public morals;

• Protection of human, animal or plant life or health;

• Protection of patents, trademarks and copyrights, and the prevention of deceptive practices;

• Prevention of use of prison labour;

• Protection of national treasures of artistic, historic or archaeological value;

• Conservation of exhaustible natural resources;

• Protection of trade of fissionable material or material from which they are derived;

• Prevention of traffic in arms, ammunition and implements of war

As per the Foreign Trade Policy, most of the exports and imports are free unless regulated as per ITC (HS) classification. Import is allowed for fresh/new materials only (Except second hand machineries). All second hand goods are covered under restricted goods category.

For import of restricted items specific special import licence is required. In other words before importation / shipment we must have valid Authorization.

Following are the restricted items for which we consult:

Plastic Scrap, Used Rubber Tyres /Tubes, Gold Dore bars, Metal Scrap E waste, etc.

Used Rubber Tyres / Tubes:

The said item is covered under restricted list. However due to shortage of Natural Rubber, government has allowed said raw material for manufacturing of Crumb Rubber, Reclaim Sheet etc. and it’s by products. If you are manufacturing the said rubber products you are eligible for import.

Gold Dore Bars:

The government of India had decided to reduce the import of Gold and encourage the refineries to import Gold Dore Bars up to 95% gold contents directly from overseas mines and produce pure gold for local market. If the company is having and engaged in authorised refinery you are eligible to import gold Dore bars.


  • Direct association as Advisor in the export and import of more than Rs.9,000/- Crores per annum.
  • International FCPA compliant.
  • Consulting more than 150 MNC's, Indian Corporations, PSU's, Import & Export Houses.


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